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Noise Monitoring and identification


Need to monitor noise disturbance caused by a general contractor during a 3-year long inner city renovation project


The government of Monaco has set very strict noise limits for contractors who operate on their territory.

These thresholds vary according to the time of day and if they are exceeded, the contractor may be exposed to fines.

It was very important to identify clearly whether the disturbances were caused by the worksite or by outside traffic.


Need : sound level.

Com’in solutions

We installed our NuisAlgo noise identification sensors as well as Méduse monitors connected to the NuisAlgo platform.

Alerts are sent in case thresholds are exceeded – notification contain noise identification and location from NuisAlgo sensors.

The Director General for Public works can receive an alert if thresholds are exceeded and the Méduse monitor can take a picture to identify whether noise originated from the worksite or from nearby traffic.

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