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Our communication solutions simplify and facilitate peaceful dialogue among such stakeholders as residents, users, local authorities, contractors and industries.

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Custom Web/Mobile applications designed to communicate with residents and users

The web and mobile application is the most comprehensive neighbour information and communication solution for any operation: well-informed local residents make for better-tolerated construction sites.


Improve your site’s acceptance by digitalising your worksite schedule and making it available to neighbours.


Publish information about your site’s lifecycle.


General operational information—project plans, descriptions, schedules, and local contacts.

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Inform about disturbances

Keep your neighbours up-to-date. Inform them about potentially disturbing activities before and during your operation.


A “worksite forecast” to view potential disturbances in the upcoming ten days.


Warn neighbours within the application or by sending a dedicated e-mail in case of an incident or unexpected event (road block, unusually loud noise etc.): an explanation is sent to neighbours, communication stays open.


Streamlined integration into your Website, mobile application, and even social networks.

A unique feedback function for residents and users

In addition to sensor data, local residents’ perception can be mapped to assess disturbances. This makes for a complete solution that can alleviate disturbance reporting investigation cycles.


Perceived disturbance reports can be sorted by type of disturbance, date and time, or comments.


Real-time feedback and correlation with sensor data make it possible to provide objective responses

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