Managing the integrity of your construction sites and maintaining safety of surrounding infrastructures

Our product allows you to optimise your construction processes by leveraging the full potential of the observational method.
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Instrumentation of constructions: Protecting yourself against structural damage caused by your works

Large-scale civil engineering or building projects require continuous monitoring of impacts on surrounding infrastructures. Since construction sites now have a zero tolerance policy, risk control—including structural risks—is of utmost importance. Instrumentation techniques alongside data processing technology meet this requirement and allow the implementation of a preventive approach to structural monitoring, guaranteeing the reliability of existing built structures. Our product combines reliable measurement and controlled data.
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A control tower for worksite durability

The application provides a comprehensive, real-time view of all structural movements on your construction sites. It allows you to monitor, from a single control centre, the global environment of the construction of a given structure through various measurements:
Railway: track geometry, platform integrity;
Existing buildings: shifting, differential settlement, cracking, vibration
Geotechnical: ground behaviour, water pressure
Walls and support elements: shifting and compression (retaining walls and boxes), stresses in the struts and anchors

Main features

Integration and display of geotechnical and structural data on a comprehensive platform
Real-time data for efficient construction management
Monitoring of structural patterns through relevant graphic representations
Integration of anticipated behaviour, and comparison to observed behaviour
Alert system via secure messaging
Automated issuing of custom reports

Benefits of this solution

Avoid irreversible structural consequences

Improve communication with stakeholders

Save time on building method optimisation

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