Identify crystalline silica for better protection

Our individual portable sensor based on an optical analysis and an artificial intelligence algorithm can measure and identify the presence of crystalline silica in real time to assess the exposure of your employees.

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Portable smart sensors 

Provide your workers with portable sensors that identify in real time the presence and concentration of crystalline silica on your operations. 


Real-time data transmission via 3G/4G/wifi wireless communication (possibility of storage on SD card)


8-hour battery life to last a full work day on a single charge.


Composed of 2 parts linked with a flexible cable: one positioned close to the respiratory tract which analyses the ambiant air and the main casing containing the battery and the communication systems.


A robust and compact case to resist shocks in a construction site and quarry environment.

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A patented method of identification

Our recognition algorithm based on the spectrophotometry of particles in the air identifies dangerous particles in the air.


Optical measurement of particles in the air and classification according to their size.


Calculation of the respirable fraction based on their sizes.


Identification of the type of dust based on the granulometric signature thanks to the references present in our database.


Calculation of crystalline silica exposure based on the percentage of quartz associated with the recognized dust type.

An online platform “UBY Safe”

Take action thanks to smart alerts and analyses with our online platform “UBY Safe”


View and centralise real-time information on crystalline silica levels on your operations.


Continuous analysis enables real-time alerts to be triggered and appropriate protective measures to be put in place: methods, tools and suitable personal protective equipment.


Our platform produces automated reports allowing you to track instantaneous and cumulative concentrations throughout your project.

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Respirable crystalline silica: Risks and Regulations


Respirable crystalline silica in the construction industry: prevention rather than cure

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