Secure and optimise industrial site management

Harness the power of our decision-making tool built on reliable, real-time data to maintain on-site security, optimise interventions, and meet your health and safety and environmental impact challenges.


Benefits for your operation:

Maîtrise des impacts sur l'environnement et la santé

Optimise productivity

Improve your processes, your intervention efficiency, and optimise your costs and resources.



Guarantee health and safety

Follow your collaborators’ health and safety status and stay in the loop through real-time alerts, so you can take corrective measures.



Control your site’s environmental impacts

Identify and manage impacts your site may have on surrounding projects, the immediate environment, and local residents.


Our solutions : identify, manage, communicate


Reliable indicators available in real time to track and manage your site 


Productivity: equipment run time, equipment offline for too long, headcount per zone, equipment maintenance, and more.


Health and safety:  intrusion in hazard zones, dangerous situation detected, non-compliant equipment, elevated silica dust levels.


Environmental impacts: exceeded noise thresholds, dust thresholds, traffic congestion, soiled roads…


Structural impacts: exceeded thresholds such as displacement, vibration, cracking, or impacting the surroundings.

Nos solutions
Nos solutions


A comprehensive, intuitive, and customisable platform for a cross-sectional view of your activities


Centralised, automatically analysed data pertaining to your site.


Straightforward, user-friendly dashboards that enable optimal projects.


Text messages, email alerts, and/or mobile notifications in the case of threshold breaches.


Automated reporting for staff and external stakeholders.


Our communication solutions promote peaceful dialogue between stakeholders to improve your project’s acceptability


A Web and mobile app to interact with stakeholders.


A “worksite forecast” solution provides information on upcoming disturbances.


Perception feedback from local residents and other users.

Harness the power of our connected solutions to build optimised, secure, and serene projects 

Designed by experts in construction technology

UBY was designed by tech and construction experts, who can help drive your projects thanks to operative indicators.

Comprehensive, straightforward, and time-tested

UBY is a straightforward, user-friendly platform that has already been deployed on over 100 projects to help make better decisions on various operational challenges.

Unique and patented

Thanks to UBY’s R&D efforts, you can count on solutions that are tailored to the construction and management market.

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