Manage your built infrastructure assets

Our product centralises all data from inspections and maintenance operations carried out on your construction projects to guarantee safety and durability.

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Optimise your maintenance budgets

Providing detailed and up-to-date monitoring of your assets’ health confirms our product is a genuine management tool for the implementation of multi-year investment plans. Incorporated into construction projects, our management tools allow you to rationalise inspections and maintenance, as well as optimise your maintenance schedule.
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Manage structural sisks throughout operations

Civil engineering infrastructures are affected by many factors over time, which can alter their stability, such as ageing, variations in use, environmental changes, and more.

Our product therefore encompasses an array of regulations and monitoring methodologies to ensure compliance with asset management requirements. Inspections are carried out directly within the system—identified disorders and defects are tracked and trigger maintenance requests, including budget and schedule considerations. Recurring interventions are configured and integrated into the general compliance programme.

Main features

Generate specification sheets for the project including a description of all properties, health records, and past and future maintenance operations;
Update tracking of project specification documents, with a reliable archival system;
Digital forms and scanning facilitation tools for inspections and maintenance operations, including an approval and authentication workflow;
Automated activity report downloads;
Multi-criteria rating system—structural, operational, degree of seriousness, and socio-economic factors.
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Benefits of this solution

Sustain knowledge about the works through controlled data management;

Keep asset data up-to-date and monitor asset evolution;

Rationalise repair investments;

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