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Production and workforce monitoring in a 51-floor tower


The 280m high Glory Tower project, located in the heart of Singapore’s business district, has 51 floors. Construction began in 2017 and was completed in 2021.

This building program has 29 floors of Premium Grade A office, 299 units of serviced apartment and 12,000 square feet of retail space.


During the construction of the Glory Tower in Singapore, Dragages Singapore wished to follow the progress of the construction site by phase and by floor in order to react in case of delay on the schedule and the non-respect of the production priorities.

The Covid-19 epidemic brought a new key issue for Dragages Singapore: ensuring the continuity of the worksite while preserving the health of the workers. Their need was to quickly identify areas of contamination in the event of the presence of workers tested positive of Covid-19.

UBY deployed its tools to meet the 3 following objectives:

  • Identify in real time the workforce by area
  • Ressources and planning management
  • Follow the project progress by phase and by floor

Start of  the project: 2019

UBY’s solution

We deployed a geolocation system in the building construction to monitor the progress of the site and to guarantee the safety of the workers.

14 floors were connected via a mesh network: a wireless system, autonomous for 3 years with an accuracy of 5 meters.

Our site operations monitoring platform integrated the worksite plans to visualise the resources per floor and per zone.

The dashboards allowed us to identify:

  • the number of workers in the area over a period of time,
  • the different interactions between the companions
  • the bottlenecks
  • the measurement per phase


Productivity optimisation: Supervision of the workers by floor allows the  deployment of adequate resources and a potential gain of 3000 hours of work.

Workers safety: Identify isolated workers and limit the spread of Covid
19 on the construction site.

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