When neighbours are better informed, worksites are better accepted

Worksites impact entire neighbourhoods and local authorities and lack of information may generate fears and frustration that harm the smooth operation of works.
All local stakeholders expect reliable, useful, transparent and real-time communication.

The Worksite News service has been developed in partnership with Société du Grand Paris to meet these expectations and ensure worksites are met with less friction.


The contracting authority or contractor can enter current operations and a forecast of upcoming disturbances on the worksite through a simple web interface.

They can enter the works schedule for the upcoming fortnight and inform on the level of estimated nuisance. Thanks to this information, neighbours can better anticipate and plan accordingly in order to reduce the impact to their daily life.

In case of an unexpected event, operation managers can also send a warning (via SMS, mobile notification on the Com’in app or e-mail) to whomever has subscribed to the service, informing them of the nature of the disturbance and the corrective measures taken.


Neighbours can view the disturbance forecast for the upcoming fortnight on a widget made available online by the contractor or contracting authority.

They can view graphs of the past levels of noise and subscribe to warnings sent by the worksite in case of an unexpected event.

This information is also available on the Com’in application.


High sensitivity measures

State of the art 360° sensors measure noise in real time.
Measures are displayed on easy to read curves with analogies to everyday-life situations.

Act against noise

Our unique time-stamped representation of noise on 360° images enables an objective diagnosis of appropriate measures to mitigate sound disturbances.

The right information at the right time

The information relative to a worksite are displayed on a widget that can be embedded in the contractor’s website or the social media page of a local authority.
You can also send warnings and information by SMS or e-mail to all neighbours who have subscribed to the service.

Monitor and anticipate

You manage current operations and disturbance forecasts for all the worksites you are in charge of through a simple web interface.
Thanks to better information, neighbours can plan ahead and reduce the impact of disturbances to their everyday life.



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