Our solutions are adapted to the sensitivity of each project

Our shared intelligence products harness the most advanced technologies to manage your projects’ environmental and health impacts and to promote healthier communities.

Our sensors
Our sensors

Our sensors

Our connected sensors embedded with artificial intelligence algorithms allow us to collect, track, and report in real time on your projects’ environmental and health impacts.

Smart City

Our platform

Data collected by the Com’in sensors deployed within your project are centrally stored and analysed on the NuisAlgo platform, which serves as a genuine operational decision-making tool.

Smart Building

Our communication solutions

Our communication solutions simplify and facilitate harmonious dialogue among stakeholders—such as residents, users, local authorities, contractors, builders, and industries.

Smart Building

Our crystalline silica sensor

Our portable individual sensor based on an optical analysis and an artificial intelligence algorithm can measure and identify the presence of crystalline silica in real time to assess the exposure of your employees.

Com’in in a Nutshell

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